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Rajesh Khanna

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Anonymous said...

I love that someone finally made a site dedicated to the greatest Indian star ever!! I love Rajesh Khanna and can't wait to see this sites progress!

Sujatha said...

Hi rajeshi namasate
how r u i am sujata one of your fan now whats r u doing i hope still u r working with film industry u dont retired please come back.and be active.still your fans wants your act i want to really talk with u my mails is please give me reply i really glad to talk with u.please come industry u r still in superstar and please become that position is live

Kuldeep Kumar Jat said...

Dear sir,
i am from bharatpur and like you so much. now a days bollywood is presenting only rubbish. but at your time there was a message, was something in your films to give people.
Kash wo gujra hua jamana vapas aa sakta. ab filme dekhne ko man nahi karta.because there is nothing.
i am 21 years old but live and like that time when you was young.

devang said...

hello rajeshji,
i m one of your fan who want to meet it possible?

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Khanna gave minimmum of 2 superhit films from 1968-1977 and 1979-1987.He did most of verstaile roles from his age of 24-55 itself.He left films in 1991 to join politics and later on did 3 serials and occasionally accepted film offers.

Rajesh Khanna has done the least number of multi star films in comparison to his contemporaries like Shashi Kapoor and Jeetendra(who did number of entertaining films),Dharmendra(who did action or comedy films),Amitabh Bachchan(who from 1975-1984 when he was successful in box office kept doing angry young man roles the most and majority of his hits were multi star films and in period 1984-1998 has very less films as hits to his credit as a hero).

Even before the films with lower class frontbench class Hindi lingo became common scenario in movies with dialogoues like Bachpanse aajtak , he played the role of a con man in Mahachor(1976) and after films with this same plot got repeated with other stars like Mithun and Amitabh and later Govinda, he never accepted such roles. He occasionally accepted multi star films and even in those he had the main central character – the films were Ashanti, Kudrat and Dil E Nadaan and did three commercial potboilers with childhood and college friend Jeetendra - Dharam Kanta, Nishaan and Maqsad and with Rajnikanth in Bewafai and Zamana with Rishi Kapoor - all of which were blockbusters.

In the films he acted as the solo lead hero, other actors who were by themselves a star acted in supporting roles in his films with Khanna overpowering them in performance and footage in the movie – like Vinod Khanna in Aan Milo Sajna , Sachcha Jhuta , Kudrat and Rajput, Dharmendra in Khamoshi Dharam Aur Kanoon (In Rajput ,Dharam did share equal footage as Khanna), Amitabh Bachchan in Aanand and Namak Haram( Amitabh became a star only in 1973 although and has supporting roles only in these films), Raj Kapoor in Naukri, Vinod Mehra in Amar Prem, Anurodh, Chakravyuha and Amardeep , Shashi Kapoor in Prem Kahani and Alag Alag , Sanjeev Kumar in Aap Ki Kasam and Bandhan , Raajkumar in Kudrat and Dharam Aur Kanta and Amol Palekar in Aanchal. Also Khanna never had a problem in sharing space with his seniors like Ashok Kumar , Om Prakash and Pran.

Anonymous said...

Khanna enjoyed 100% box office success ratio with Mumtaz as all the consecutive eight films of the pair were superhits. Khanna formed legendary on-screen hit pairs with Sharmila Tagore, Asha Parekh , Mumtaz ,Hema Malini, Tina Munim , Smita Patil , Shabana Azmi and Poonam Dhillon. The actress with whom Rajesh Khanna has done maximum films(ie.15 movies) is with Hema Malini and they had together ten classic box office superhits namely Andaaz, Premnagar, Bandish, Dard , Kudrat, Rajput, Hum Dono, Babu, special appearances of Khanna in Durga, Sitapur Ki Geeta both which were woman oriented films and rest like Vijay were not a success in the box office although Janata Hawaldaar, Palkon Ki Chaon Me,Mehbooba are regarded as classic films which flopped unexpectedly and undeservingly flopped. His pairing with Tina Munim was hugely popular among the audience in the eighties both on and offscreen with Fiffty Fiffty , Souten , Bewafai , Adhikar becoming hugely successful and Insaaf Main Karoonga being a average grosser and the musical Alag Alag produced by Khanna himself.His pairing with Sharmila was artistically satisfying for him with Aradhana, Safar ,Chhoti Bahu , Amar Prem, Daag , Aavishkar as blockbusters to the credit of the pair and Tyaag as another classic under their belt. Poonam Dhillon was paired with Khanna in the eighties hits like Nishaan, Dard , Zamana and Awam and the unexpected box office dud Redrose. Asha Parekh had the musical hits like Baharoan Ke Sapne, Aan Milo Sajna, Kati Patang and Dharm Aur Qanoon with Khanna. Its not that Khanna did not taste success with other heroines but his chemistry and pairing with these specific heroines resulted in blockbusters more often. Even opposite Zeenat Aman, Khanna has Ajnabee and Chhailla Babu as superhits and Jaanwar as semi hit.The pair Rajesh Khanna- Shabana Azmi also gave box office hits like Karm, Amar Deep, Thodisi Bewafaii, Ashanti, Avtaar and Aaj Ka M.L.A. Ram Avtar and average grosser Nasihat and with Smita Patil ,Khanna had Dil E Nadan , Akhir Kyun, Angaarey, Nazrana, Amrit as superhits ie commercial successes and Anokha Rishta too was a classic ahead of its time. In the mid eighties Khanna delivered superhits with Sridevi like potboiler Maqsad, critically acclaimed Naya Kadam, Masterji and Nazrana.

Some of the films which are regarded as classics but were dud at the time of its release include the reincarnation drama Mehbooba,
the fantasy films Bundalbaaz and Naukri, the social film like Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein and Janata Havaldar and the suspense film Chakravyuha, the unusual love stories like Aakhri Khat, Raaz , Maalik. and the Redrose whose Tamil original version saw the lead actor getting awards and becoming a blockbuster of the year and biographical story Khudai based on Guru Dutt’s life and social dramas like Aaina and Ghar Parivaar.

Anonymous said...

Aakhri Khat is the debut film of Rajesh Khanna.This film is admired at as much before the film Baby's Day Out was made in Hollywood,Chetan Anand directed this film in 1966. Even the debut film of Khanna is considered as classic and having made such an unconventional debut at such an young age, he showed how different he is as an actor from the rest of the industry.This film was followed by Raaz which was again very much ahead of its times as Raaz 1967 was a film about a person of African origin coming to a village in India which he has seen in his dreams quite often and where he finds that his lookalike had been killed.The audience of sixties did not respond well to both these films and they became flops although later both movies have been regarded as classics.

The critics had taken note of his acting skills in the films Raaz and Akhri Khat already but Khanna did not become a big star with these 2 films.Rajesh Khanna got noticed by larger section of audience in the films Aurat , where Khanna played the younger brother of the main lead heroine of the film ,Padmini and in Baharoan Ke Sapne where Khanna played the role of an unemployed youth opposite Asha Parekh .Khanna tasted success for the first time in box office with the musical blockbuster Baharon Ke Sapne and crtically acclaimed box office superhit Aurat and it was at this time The star Rajesh Khanna was born.After the release of Aradhana, he got the status of Superstar of Indian film industry (not just Hindi Cinema).

The double role films which Khanna acted in were not just run off the mill films or masala entertainers or based on some formula but each character was different from the other. The films in which he had a double role includes Hum Dono which was a comedy film with him playing a doctor and a poor man , Sachcha Jhuta (his first double role film) where he played the smuggler and the band master , Dard where he played the double role of father who is a prisoner convicted of a crime and a son who is a lawyer, Kudrat where he played an innocent lover and as an intelligent advocate and in Dharam Aur Kanoon where he plays the young man convicted of an offence and the father who is the judge.

Anonymous said...

In the period 1976-1978 when his well made films with good music and story line were flopping,the few hits he had were Tyaag, Maha Chor, Karm, Chhailla Babu, Anurodh and Hatyara(which had Khanna in Special appearance).Among these Anurodh and Chhailla Babu are both popular superhit films of this period.

There are many actors, who while lyp syncing a song, do not do justice to the singer and the song.But Rajesh Khanna used to make the facial expressions and display of the veins in neck in such a way as if he himself has the voice of Kishore Kumar in reality.
Kishore Kumar himself after becoming a successful singer gave credit to Khanna as the person due to whom he became popular and started getting more songs to sing. For this reason Kishore sang for home productions of Khanna like Alag Alag free of cost.

In the period 1976-1978 when his well made films with good music and story line were flopping,the few hits he had were Tyaag, Maha Chor, Karm, Chhailla Babu, Anurodh and Hatyara(which had Khanna in Special appearance).Among these Anurodh and Chhailla Babu are both popular superhit films of this period.

There are many actors, who while lyp syncing a song, do not do justice to the singer and the song.But Rajesh Khanna used to make the facial expressions and display of the veins in neck in such a way as if he himself has the voice of Kishore Kumar in reality.
Kishore Kumar himself after becoming a successful singer gave credit to Khanna as the person due to whom he became popular and started getting more songs to sing. For this reason Kishore sang for home productions of Khanna like Alag Alag free of cost.

The year 1985 saw seven films off the eleven with Rajesh Khanna as the solo lead hero declared AS box office super-hits which were Hum Dono, Bewafai, Masterji, Babu, Akhir Kyun, Zamana and Insaaf Main Karoonga and Durgaa had him in special extended appearance became a big hit too.The year 1985 saw eleven films releasing with Rajesh Khanna in the lead role as the hero, of which seven were declared box office super-hits with Bayen Hath Ka Khel not released all over India as Khanna's films ate up box office collections of each other and three more films had him in special appearance of which one became a hit ie. Durgaa and Naya Bakra and Aar Paar did not have release all over India.

Since Rajesh Khanna was busy with so many films (each year he had minimum of three films for release from 1968-1991) he declined Mohan Kumar's Amir Garib in 1974 and Mohan Kumar was dejected but Khanna told Mohan that they would definitely work in say one or two years.Then Mohan Kumar offered the role to Devanand and the film became a big hit. Then only after 11 years Mohan Kumar got a script worth of Rajesh Khanna and offered Khanna Avtaar followed by Amrit.

Rajesh Khanna was offered Mr. India by Boney Kapoor and Shekhar Kapoor first, but he rejected after going through the script because he felt invinsible factor would be the main hero and not him and so a superstar of his calibre will be missing from the screen most of the time.Rajesh Khanna was the first choice of Yash Chopra for the lead role in Deewar but Salim Javed insisted that he take Amitabh for the film.Some of the projects which Rajesh Khanna had to reject because of being busy in other projects include Amir Garib, Paraya Dhan, Amanush, Savera, Meri Aawaz Suno, Palay Khan, Aaj Ki Awaaz, Aankh Micholi.

Anonymous said...

hi thanx for creating dis page.I love Rajesh Khanna,he is my all time fav actor.lets create e full website on Rajesh Khanna.if u r interested den mail me,we will work together.waiting to hear from u soon
my id-

A.K. Roy said...


‘T R U E S U P E R S T A R’



The King of Immortal Love, Emotion and High thoughts


Born on 29th December, 1942 at Amritsar in a very rich family and joined Film Industry through Filmfare Talent Contest (selected by Panel of judges: Late Bimal Roy, Guru Dutt, Chetan Anand, G.P. Sippy, Sri Sakti Samanta, Sri B. R. Chopra) during 1966-67 with Raaj, Aurat, Aakhri Khat, and elevated at the topmost position within a very short period with Aaradhana (1968-69) as Super Star as well as a superb Actor, wherein he characterised double role of father and son with a very different manner and established an easy going life-like natural acting on the silver screen. To signify his extra- ordinariness a new title had been established first time in the Indian Film History: ‘SUPER STAR’. And he maintained his dignity with the following precious Diamond/Golden/Silver Jubilee Hit- classic films of Golden Era (up-to 1974-75) like: Anand, Amar Prem, Kati Patang, Dushman, Aan Milo Sajana, Hathi Mere Sathi, Apna Desh, Bandhan, Malik, Choti Bahu, Sachcha-Jhuta, Do Raste, Ittefaq, Safar, Khamosi, Baawarchi, Aavishkar, Raja Rani, Dag, Tyag, Namak Haram, Prem Nagar, Roti, Aap Ki Kasam, etc. and very prominent Guest Roles in Anurag, Andaz and Aakraman and owned innumerable awards during this period, which established him as the Foremost Super Star of Indian Film History: the Phenomena

A.K. Roy said...

film Agar Tum Na Hote at the Airport, where he sent his daughter abroad with Rekha and Raj Babbar or the hospital scene of the film Ashanti, where he became lame after jeep accident. These are the few examples of all time classic expressions of Indian film world.

Then after a gap of about 3 years, we again watched the Super Actor in Khudai (a film, inspired by the life of great Actor/Director-Late Guru Dutt) during its World Premier (1994) in ZEE T.V. and selection of Rajesh Khanna as Best Actor for this Film in Russian Film Festival at Ujvegistan has again proved that he is still having an extraordinary calibre and is the one and only King of Romantic and Emotional acting in Indian Film History.

A.K. Roy said...

Outstanding calibre

It is an extraordinary fact that though in Hindi Commercial films, there are very little scope for any Star to maintain variety in choosing subjects/characters and also to do justice with them, even though during his full career, Rajesh Khanna, along with his historic Super Star image, has simultaneously chracterized widest range of characters found in almost every walk of real social life, very gracefully, with full justice to the characters by giving them depth touches of human feelings and most of these films were super hits, e.g. Rich-arrogant businessman, Poor-simple person, Prince of a Estate, Middle class person, Student, Unemployed young man, Artist/Painter, Story writer, Service man, Doordarshan cameraman, Advertising executive, L.I.C Agent, Army Officer, Police Officer, C. I. D. Officer, Forest Officer, Lawyer, Judge, Doctor, N.R.I., Prince, Bengali rich businessman, Pathan, Radio and Pop Singer, Film and Music Director, M.L.A., Mayor, Cook, Postman, Gardener, Smuggler, Thief, Dakoit, Blind, Lame, Dumb, Handicapped person, Old man, Cancer patient, Psychic patient, T. B. patient, City dweller, Illiterate Villager, Juggler, Road singer, Riksha puller, Bhojpuri flower seller, Hawker, Fisher man, Farmer, Barber, Motor mechanic, Labourer, Car/Truck driver, prisoner, a Drunk, and above all a lover as well as a responsible husband and father, etc.

A.K. Roy said...

In every film, a different Rajesh appears on the screen and it is very difficult to maintain this ‘otherness’ in films after films, especially in Hindi Film World’s commercial environment. But it is the credit of Rajesh Khanna, that he has very successfully balanced both sides of film media: commercial and art in his career and moreover, he never compromises with the situation for gaining cheap popularity and always maintains his dignity and gravity as a refined, versatile and a very sober household actor-star. Besides, he simultaneously works with well established Directors/Producers on the one hand like B. R. Chopra, Hrisikesh Mukherjee, Shakti Samanta, Vijay Anand, Yash Chopra, etc. and with totally new directors on the other, like Ismile Shroff, Danny, Miraz, Rishi Kapoor, etc. But the standard of characterization has always been maintained by him. It is only his credit that he did never think about his super star image and did boldly accept the characters of a cook, postman, flower seller, barber, riksha puller, etc. and always did full justice with the characters. It seems unbelievable that the performer of Dushman and Dhanwaan, or Bawarchi and Babu or Avataar and Aaj ka MLA Ram Avataar or Mehabooba and Red Rose, or Janta Hawaldar and Rajpoot, etc. is the same person. Above all, in the era of multi-star films, he had always been offered lead roles in multi-star films as well e.g. Kudrat, Rajpoot, Dharm aur Kanoon, Aashanti, Awaam, etc.

AK Roy said...

In fact, some times he never needs different costumes to enter in different characters because his way of characterization comes by heart and owing to thorough study of the characters, he totally involves with them emotionally. And behind success or failure of his films (commercially hit or flop), there has been always a super fine Actor in Rajesh Khanna. Actually he has an extraordinary talent to look ordinary person on the one hand and extraordinary glamorous characters on the other, as per demand of the characters. He possesses a classic combination of Art and Glamour. And this makes Rajesh Khanna: a superb actor as well as the real foremost Super Star of the Country.

Anonymous said...

During last four decades, Rajesh Khanna gracefully owned a large number of National as well as International level prestigious Best Actor awards/Special recognition awards, a few of which are: Anand (1970), Sachcha-Jhuta (1971), Anurag (Guest Artist) (1973), Aavishkar (1974)—Film Fare Best Actor Awards; Dard (1982)— Best Actor Award -Lions Club, Delhi; Avataar (1983)-- Best Actor Award Gold Medal; Aaj Ka MLA- Ram Avataar (1984)—Best Actor Award by All India Critics Association, Kolkata; a very Special Film Fare Award on successful completion of 25 years in Film Industry (1991); Best Actor Award for Khudai (1994)—Russian Film Festival, Ujvegistan; Kala Ratna from Punjabi Kala Sangam at Delhi (1995), Living Legend from Anandlok: an esteemed Film Journal, at Kolkata (1999) and Life Time Achievement Awards to the First Super Star of the country, through San-Sui Viewers’ Choice Award Contest, Delhi (2001), by a Company at Mumbai (2002), Glory of India Award by IIFA, London ( ), Mother Teresa Award ( ), Bharat Jyoti Award ( ), Rashtriya Gaurav Award ( ). In April of 2003, Rajesh Khanna had been chosen for the Maharashtra State Government’s Raj Kapoor Award. Through X Star Screen Award Ceremony at Mumbai (2004), Life Time Achievement Award and Life Time Glamour Award through IV Kingfisher Bollywood Fashion Award Ceremony & VI Bollywood Award Ceremony respectively, at Atlantic City, New Jersey, Washington, America (2004), 50th Film Fare Award (2005), Bollywood Award Ceremony at Trinidad (2006) for outstanding contribution in Hindi films, Pride of the Film Industry by Star Dust Film Award Ceremony at Mumbai (2005), Yuganthar Gaurav Purakshar (2006) by CHMC, Ulhashnagar (Maharashtra), Dada Saheb Phalke Academy Golden Actor Award (2008) Life Time Achievement Golden Decade Award by IIFA (2009) and by Tamil Film Industry at All India Film Employees’ Federation Conference ( 2009), Jeevan Gaurav Award (2010) in 8th Pune International Film Festival, a Special Award to the ‘True Supersar of Indian cinema’ from the ZEE TV Network on the occasion of Deepawali festival special event- (2010).

Anonymous said...

Owing to his extraordinary merit, he (along with Late Kishore Kumar, Rahul Dev Berman and Sri Shakti Samanta) established the GOLDEN ERA in INDIAN FILM HISTORY and became a house-hold name for every Indian ranging 6 to 60 years of age group, irrespective of male and female. He has very successfully shown his versatility by performing romantic, serious, comedy, aged people’s role, double roles, action roles in multi-star films, central characters, disabled persons’ roles, Cancer/Psychic/ T. B. patient simultaneously. He is a perfectionist by nature in performing different shades of one particular character in a particular film, according to the demand of the scripts, like Namak Haram, Daag, Aaj ka MLA-Ram Avatar, Dushman, Avatar, Babu, Aap ki Kasam, Sautan, Dhanwaan, etc. And this has first and last time happened in the Indian film history that within a very short span of time, he had established himself in the hearts of children with Hathi Mere Sathi, Sachcha Jhutha; youngsters/females with Aradhana, Amar Prem, Kati Patang, Aan Milo Sajna, Bandhan, Maryada, Namak Haram, Prem Nagar, Sautan, Mere Jeevan Sathi, Aajnabi, Rajput, Joru ka Gulam, Raja Rani, Mehabooba, Anurodh, Amar Deep, etc.; mature people with Aap ki Kasam, Dag, Tyag, Aavishkar, Thodi si Bewafai, Dhanwaan, Choti Bahu, Karm, Malik, Anokha Rishta, Aa Aab Laut Chalein, etc.; aged people with, Amar Prem, Dard, Aavtar, Amrit, Babu; intellectuals with Ittefaque, Anand, Bawarchi, Dushman, Safar, Aavishkar, Khamoshi, Amar Prem, Red Rose, Aaj ka MLA, Aakhir Kyon, Khudai; entertaining mentality people with Sachcha Jhutha, Aapna Desh, Ham Sakal, Roti, Aashanti, Aawam, Aawaz, Papi Pet Ka Sawal Hai, etc.

REEL LIFE TO REAL LIFE: An honest Politician & Hon’ble Member of Parliament :

During 1985-86, when the strike of workers of Film Industry (Studios) was going on, he was most actively participated in the upliftment of the workers by financially as well as physically. He along with other prominent figures of the Film Industry arranged HOPE 86 at Kolkata for collection of money towards help of the workers. Afterwards he was requested by Late Rajiv Gandhi to carry on campaign for Congress I at West Bengal and neighbouring areas, which he performed most gracefully and successfully.

In the period 1991-1996, he has performed the role of real politician and Member of Parliament for five years from New Delhi Constituency on the request of Late Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, with full honesty and active participation and helped common people in many ways. And we feel very proud that he has maintained his image here in dirty environment of politics too, as Mr. Clean (as had been titled by the India Today). Still he is the permanent Star Campaigner of Congress I Party.


During the age of Dish Antenna/Cable TV, Internet, etc., we were proud to watch the one and only King of love and emotional scenes on T.V. Screen, performing Central Characters in MEGA TV SERIALS-- Aapne Parai in B4U & DD Metro, Ittefaqu in Zee T.V. and Raghukul Reet Sada Chali Aai in DD National channels in 2000s, with equally graceful impact of silver screen. He is the Life Member and Guest Faculty of the International Film and Television Club of Asian Academy of Film and Television. He has been honoured as the ‘True Superstar of Indian Cinema’ on 31st October, 2010 as Chief Celebrity Guest in ZEE TV- Special Deewali Programme- 2010.

It is also notable that when the music-line people are badly involved in producing cheapest test of re-mixing Video albums of old film song only for earning money, we have found our respectable Kakaji in a Video Album of the all time classic Tagore’s songs, in which he performed free of cost. This proves that what a noble person of high moral is he, in today’s corrupted environment.

Sonu "Smarty" said...

Hi, what i call you, I think Uncle... Hi Uncle I am Sonu Rajput... a greta friend of you, I always heard about you from my father. When ever i get tans always i use to listen your song only...I cant assume that, " Jab aap super star the to time kesaa thaa...bas mann me ek hi khayaal ata he....Kashhhhh.... us time ko main dekh pata...feel kar pata....

Its real ki agar main aap se milane ki baat kahu to ye sirf ek sapana hoga aap ke sab friends ke jesaa...Bt Babu Mushaay Agar Zindagi ne sath diyaa to aap se jarure mulaqat karenge...or ek din aap se milenege......Or Kaka wo din aayegaa... Ye mera Vishwass he...

Missing u n that time...

Regarding from

Sonu Rajput

- said...

Latest News Updates Bollywood, Hollywood, Dating & Fashion
Online Bollywood News and Reviews


Happy Birthday to KAKAJI (the First and only Real Super star of Hindi Cinema) on 29th Dec 2011. I am a great fan of Rajesh Khanna and till date his Movies look to be as fresh and entertaining as at the time of their original release and privide real sukoon to me. No other Actor in Indian Cinema has been able to give so many Super Hits during his carrier.
He can be termed as King of Romance and Emotions and he would always be remembered for the versatile roles played by him.

The successful movies of Kakaji are many but my all time favourite is ANAND which to my mind is the Best ever Hindi Film and character of ANAND was played with so much ease that the Audience is left spellbound.He has looked so stunning in the Roles of Business Tycoons/Rich played by him in Films like PREM NAGAR and DHANWAN.
Who can forget the romance in his eyes in the evergreen Hit AMAR PREM and the famous dialogue I HATE TEARS, PUSHPA .

My Kids are aware of my liking of Rajesh Khanna so much so that my Daughter generally calls me whenever she comes accross any Movie of Rajesh Khaana on the T.V and asks me to see the movie or programme.

The songs picturised on the Duperstar have become all time Hits due to the expressions of the star .

I can go on writing but i shall reserve some comments for next time


Anonymous said...

Bombay University text book essay The Charisma of Rajesh Khanna. Sure star.

varun said...


Anonymous said...

With his unique persona, kaka made a special & unforgettable place in the hearts of Indians! He was truly a super star ever.....I sincerely pray that his soul rest in peace

Anonymous said...

RIP kaka Rajesh Khanna.....

Rahul said...

We will always remember Rajesh Khanna and he is going to live in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

hats off to u my GODFATHER RAJESH KHANNA " KAKA" u will always be loved in the hearts of ur fans.U r the 1st & ever super star of bollywood cinema. I have watched ur several super hits movies but Amar Prem,Aradhana,Kati Patang & Roti are the finest creations of ur style . Faizi Ahmed

Anonymous said...

He was the best romantic actor. I really feel that he left this world so early..when ever i watch his movies i just think kash main us time me duniya me aati so that i felt that rajesh khanna era. We miss you kaka rula gye hum sabko:(!aap fir se is duniya me aa jao please...

Anonymous said...

My name is Shiladitya. Age is 19. My favourite hero is Rajesh Khanna. I have seen many of his films like aradhana,khamoshi,amar prem,anand,namak haram,bundalbaaz,soutan, naukri,agar tum na hote, anurodh, dard,kudrat, the train, haathi mere sathi,insaaf main karunga, aa ab laut chale, vijay, ghar ka chirag, alag alag,mehbooba,swarg,masterji,nazrana,raja rani,ajnabee,prem nagar,andaz,red rose.
rajesh ji aap bollywood ki asli superstar hai. congrats for ur success.

Geet said...

Am really missing him now that hes we tend to take to take things for so sad he gave in to loneliness..wen actually so many ppl love him n how..i blame his wife for this...she was truly unlucky n really not meant for him...she was a heavy gambler n smoker n really troubled kaka...Anyother woman would hve made his life so much beter.

Sonu Gupta said...

Dear Late Rajesh Khannaji,
I love ur films and most of songs like aan pado sajna aan pado, kahin dur din dhal jaye, gore rang par itna guma na kar, etc.

Lovu u, From Sonu Gupta & Family

Seshadri Kumar said...


You might enjoy this different kind of tribute to Rajesh Khanna:

Best regards,

Dr. Seshadri Kumar

Jasvin said...

He didn't steal the fire, he entered it, for his art. He paid his dues for being all too human on this earth, and has taken his place in heaven, forever immortalised in or hearts and minds--nafrat ki duniya ko chhod ke pyar ki duniya mein, khush rehna mere yaar.
He will always be one of the two beats of my heart

Anonymous said...

I was born in Rajesh Khanna ji's era and we all were totally crazy for him. I think I saw Aradhana at least 8 times. Kaka ji's was an Artsitic genius. Who can ever forget his smouldering face in "Roop tera mastana", yet totally shy and innocent eyes. OMG his acting abilities can never be matched by anyone else.
I agree with Geet ji's remark that Dimple turned out to be a curse on him and caused his destruction. He was too nice and vulnerable. Wish he had somebody he could truly trust and a wife who would nurtue him.
RIP Kakaji. We will always love you

Anonymous said...

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sahil devgn said...


Anonymous said...

we miss u

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Rajeshji hazaro manjileh hogi, hazaro karobar hongeh waqt aisa kyoon aaya keh nah jaane hum sab kahan hongeh.....your most loving fan we met in Peninsula Hotel in 1978...Sanjit Singh Sandhu, Singapore luv u always.

bhartha partha said...

rajesh khanna was very big super star in our period when i was just 15 years.

i remember that many girls were crazy about him. many boys tried to imitate his style to please girls.

the best years i remember is 1970-72 that many of his films were jam packed with female audience. We never used to get tickets. Even if we get tickets we use to offer to girls to please them.

we miss him very much.

bhartha, yarada park vizag

Anonymous said...

He was too cute and great actor with so innocent expressive eyes.. It is hard to forget him..

Neena Sharma said...

Rajesh Khanna a romantic hero with dignity, charmed face with wonderful expression & style, soft and strong dialogue delivery made him a superstar. You will be remembered by all as long as the world exists. We pay our tribute from the core of our heart on your second death anniversary.

Neena Sharma

sumit ray said...

mehbooba is critisised as a flop by many but they don't know mehbooba ran for 27 weeks in hind cinema along with it running for several weeks in different theaters in calcutta

Anonymous said...

Koudschuim matras
van Royal Health Foam.
en Traagschuim matrassen